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Romsey Abbey and it's History

Enjoy an armchair tour of the Romsey Abbey with detailed photographs and text.

A project by Roy Romsey - LTVAS


This huge medieval Norman Abbey, dating from 1120 AD, overlooks the charming town of Romsey in the Test Valley of southern England.

The original church was founded in 907 AD by King Edward the Elder, whose daughter, Elthelfraeda, was its first abbess (grand daughter of King Alfred the Great).

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Images are from the collection of over 10,000 abbey photographs in the Roy Romsey library. 

A Roy Romsey project recording the inventory of  Romsey Abbey under the auspices of Romsey Local History Society (LTVAS).

With thanks and acknowledgements to David Johnson, Alec Morley, Terry Proctor and the many sources of information consulted. 

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